The St. Thomas Aquinas Program

The St. Thomas Aquinas Program serves those students who may find academics challenging due to the diagnosis of a learning disability and/or ADHD. This includes students whose admission into the school is conditional

These students represent a unique group of college-bound boys and girls who possess average to above average ability, but who require some assistance in developing academic and organizational skills. The goal of the program is to provide support for the continuing development of these skills, and to help each student become an independent learner.

The program is available to the middle school students and high school students in ninth and tenth grade. Students in the Aquinas Program earn a half credit (towards electives) per year for enrollment. A student must meet the established criteria for enrollment in the program, and admission into the program is considered on an annual basis.  

More information is available by clicking here, or by contacting the St. Thomas Aquinas Coordinator, Carolyn Johnsen.


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