School Uniforms

St. Joseph's students are expected to dress modestly and in good taste. Students must be neat, clean, and well groomed at all times—during and after school hours—while on campus and at all school-related functions. It is important that students keep in mind they serve as ambassadors for St. Joseph's Catholic School.

In keeping with these principles, students at St. Joseph's are required to wear uniforms, and every student who accepts a place in the St. Joseph's student body agrees to abide by the uniform guidelines. Upon entering the school building, students are expected to be in the full uniform of the day.

The school has two uniform looks: a dress uniform and a casual uniform. The dress uniform is worn at least one day a week, usually on the day the school family celebrates Mass. All athletes are also required to wear the dress uniform on game days. The casual uniform can be worn on other days throughout the week. Primary uniform items must be purchased from the school approved uniform vendor Educational Outfitters. Shoes, socks, leg wear, and belts may be purchased anywhere.

From time to time, the Headmaster may approve a "Free Dress" day. Guidelines governing the free dress day may be found in the Parent/Student Handbook. Otherwise, all students are required to follow the uniform dress code during the school year and during all scheduled school exams.

High School Uniforms
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Middle School Uniforms
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